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Hello hello and thanks for stopping by my blog. My name is Kyle Bartel I was born and raised in Green Bay, WI. I moved down to the Milwaukee area about six years ago. What brought me down this way was that I was promoted in my profession (trucking industry) at the time, but to my surprise I hated every second of my promotion. That was when I decided it was time for me to follow my life long dream to become a teacher. My whole life people had always told me I would make a great teacher, but I was never one to reach even average in scholastics. I am very much looking forward to actually being in a profession that I chose to be in, instead of feeling like it was a profession I had to be in due to my lack of secondary education. My teaching and professional future goals are to be able to make a lasting impact on my students that opens their eyes, minds, and ears to the wonderful world of science.

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UWM Student in the Education field. Chemistry is my jam.

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  1. Hi Kyle! I always get sad when I hear of people who have dreams for life but circumstances stop them from reaching and striving. Working in an industry that doesn’t speak to you, and then getting a promotion that only makes it worse, can be soul-sapping. It’s exciting to know that you have decided to not just settle for where you ended up, but have decided to follow that dream you have always had. Your students and the school you work at will be so lucky to have someone so passionate about teaching.


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